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"Nothing better for skin, literally head to toe.  Sometimes I use just a little to calm my frizzy hair!  And when my heels get rough just one or two applications takes care of that.  And then there is everything in between!  Natural, organic ingredients and a great value as well."   AP, Houston TX

"This salve has changed my life!  It's THE only thing that heals and prevents my eczema."    SGP, Georgetown TX

An update from SGP in Georgetown:

"My son asked me the other day what I was going to do if she ever stopped making it.  I admitted that was something I worry about all the time.  Your salve has honestly changed my life!  Last night I had a flashback of when I'd get eczema on my feet.  It would itch uncontrollably, then sting and ooze.  After drying it would crack and bleed, causing a lot of pain.  The cycle would take months to complete.  I still occasionally get a bump or two that blister on my hands but it's nothing compared to the past.  Your salve is SUCH a blessing!  James 1:17 - Every good gift and every perfect present is from above.  Thanks for making it and for being the vessel that delivers the perfect present."

"I have suffered with fever blisters on my lips for many years.  Abreva works OK but it is such a tiny tube and it is SO expensive.  This salve works better than Abreva, is so much cheaper, plus I can use it for just about everything skin related, even on our pets.  I love it and will never be caught without it!"   DD, Bradenton FL

"Nothing better for preventing diaper rash.  My first child had it so bad and even prescription cream didn't really help much.  A friend introduced me to this salve years ago and it is now safely seeing my third child through the diaper years rash free!  Thank you, thank you!"   MP, Dallas TX

"This stuff is amazing.  It is our go-to remedy for soothing the itch and sting of bug bites, rashes, burns, really everything for our skin.  We travel a lot and it is the first thing I make sure to pack in the toiletry bag."   JH, Lufkin TX

"In the winter my nose gets miserable, both inside my nasal passages and underneath above my lips.  Dry, cracked, and sore.  I'll put a dab of this salve on a Q-tip and rub the inside of my nasal passages with it.  Keeps them moisturized and feeling good.  And it immediately soothes and heals the chapped skin under my nose.  Plus everything else we use it for!"   DF, Manassas, VA

"My dog got into a fight with a neighbor's dog and had multiple abrasions and a few nasty cuts on his face.  Nothing required stitches but I immediately cleaned the areas and put on salve.  I continued with the salve for several days and nothing got infected and all areas healed up quickly.  And it seemed to feel good to him when I applied it because he wagged his tail and came to me when he saw the jar!"   PRM, Shreveport LA

"My 82-year-old father has such thin, dry skin on his arms... like tissue paper.  Even the friction of bedsheets would cause bleeding.  After using this salve for just a short time his skin is hydrated and in much better condition.  He loves it, and no more bleeding on the sheets!"  AC, Cleveland OH


"I have been a customer for over 10 years and couldn't do without it.  Please don't ever stop making it!"  SF, Pearland TX

"A little is all it takes to heal just about anything.  The only skin remedy in our medicine cabinet and the natural, plant-based ingredients makes it even better."  ED, Dayton OH

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